Come and support Ukraine’s best running movement with your family and friends. Meet new people and spend Saturday morning actively! A huge thanks to everyone who takes the decision to help on our progression. You are the best!


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How to become a volunteer?

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Choose Location

Find a location where you would like to volunteer and join our team. Your help is important to us!

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Type of volunteer

Choose the option of volunteering that is closest to your heart from the ones below. Join our community!

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Write an Email

Send an email to volunteers@runday.org or use the contact form on our website. In the message, indicate the location and desired volunteer role.

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Come to Runday run

The organizer of your location will inform the arrival time for volunteers. Since volunteers help with the organization of the race, it is necessary to arrive early.

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Location manager

Manages Runday events in a specific location and organizers. Can act as race director.

The image shows the personage icon
Race director

Manages the race on a specific day, is responsible for the conditions of the event, route change, postponement of the start or cancellation of the race, management of volunteers.

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Coordinator of volunteers

The coordinator is responsible for compiling the list of volunteers and also makes sure that there are enough volunteers to run the races each week.

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Preparation volunteers

They help in the preparation of the race before its start, after which they can participate as runners. They help in arranging and preparing the race itself.

Pictured is the icon for training new runners
Newbie briefing

A volunteer in this position instructs new participants about the race itself and what to do after the finish.

The image shows the timer icon
Time keeper

Records the time of each participant who crossed the finish line using a special application on a smartphone.

The image shows the additional timer icon
Reserve timekeeper

This is a volunteer timing an additional timer to provide back-up race results.

The image shows the award icon
Position cards

This is a volunteer who at the finish line issues a card with the number of the ranking place to each finisher.

The image shows the QR code icon
Scan QR codes

Volunteers enter the number with the finish position of the runner and scan its QR code with a special smartphone application. In this way, a list of all participants is formed.

Pictured is an icon of a running character

They help encourage and guide runners, orient them on the course, warn of obstacles or dangers, and inform other visitors of the park about the race.

Pictured is an icon of a running character
Tail runner

This is a volunteer who runs after the last participant of the race along the entire route and informs the marshals that they can leave their posts, and also at the finish line - that there are no more participants.

Pictured is the finish flag icon
Finish zone volunteer

This is the person who stands behind the finish line and is responsible for the consistent passage of runners through the finish corridor.

Pictured is a checklist and pencil icon
Processing of results

The person responsible for processing the results combines the data on the distance covered time and the finishing position with the runner's ID and publishes them on the website.

The image shows a notebook icon with a report
Writing reports

This role is performed after the race, so you can both help and run. You need to write and upload weekly news about events to the news page and social media.

The image shows a star icon
PR volunteers

Write and track articles and reports about Runday and our races, and liaise with the media and the public.

The image shows the camera icon

Take pictures of the race and upload them to the race pages on Facebook. Anyone can take photos of our races.

Being a volunteer is

the opportunity to be part of a great sporting event and support the runners on their way to the finish line. You will get invaluable experience of holding an event, and you will also find new friends among like-minded people.


In the picture: participants and volunteers of the weekly Runday run after the race

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