Sponsorship opportunities

Our events are organized by volunteers who put their heart into every race. Your sponsorship contribution will help ensure stable work and development of our initiatives, make sports more accessible to everyone. Support runners in their achievements, training and competitions!
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People, companies or institutions that like what we do, support our goals and work with us to promote and develop the runday idea.

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Local Sponsors

Local sponsors support one or more local event, usually in a location close to their business or area of interest.

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National Sponsors

We are looking for National Sponsors who can partner with us to make runday a national and international success. They will be our patrons, our partners and our greatest supporters.

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T-Shirt Sponsors

We are looking for a t-shirt sponsor who can provide free (or low-cost) printed runday t-shirts for distribution to runday club members.

Runday is a running community that makes sport accessible to everyone!

Since 2016, we believe in the superpower of outdoor physical activity, simplicity and accessibility. Everyone is welcome: club or solo runners, people with disabilities, those just walking with children or running with their pet.

We partner with organizations that share our vision and are committed to making Runday events free for everyone. With Runday you:

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Increase brand awareness

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Use the opportunity to showcase products or services

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Networking opportunities with other businesses and industry professionals

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Build positive brand association and credibility

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Use the opportunity to generate leads and sales

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Enhance customer engagement and loyalty

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Get the ability to differentiate from competitors

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Expand an opportunity for media coverage and publicity, including speaking engagements during events

Become a sponsor of Runday

Sponsorships provide invaluable value to companies by reaching and connecting with a quality audience, which often results in increased business. Do you want to join? Contact us!


Pictured: participants of the RUNDAY race

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