Runday Mission and Values

Runday mission

Provide opportunities for people to regularly participate in sport (through running, walking and volunteering) in a non-competitive and non-threatening environment. To support community cohesion and development and promote a range of health related benefits.

Runday vision

  • Free sporting events for everyone, regardless of their location or physical ability
  • A healthier and happier population
  • Cleaner, safer and more accessible parks and running spaces
  • Socially engaged citizens, volunteering to improve their communities

Runday values

  • Leadership: The courage to shape our country.
  • Collaboration: Working together with local communities.
  • Integrity: Being honest and fair with our runners and participants.
  • Passion: Inspiring and supporting everyone who wants to run.
  • Diversity: Running together regardless of age, gender or ethnicity.
  • Accessibility: Making running available to everyone in society.

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