Runday Lviv

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Stryiskyi Park, Lviv

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Every Saturday at 09:00

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5 km


Runday is a free 5km run that takes place every Saturday at 9:00 am in Stryiskyi Park. Runday is open to everyone, regardless of your experience level or fitness. People run with us for different reasons: some want to be in good physical shape, others like to be part of our community, some want to compete and win, and some like our post-run breakfasts. So, we invite you to join us!
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Mykola Solod +38 097 340 09 97

Where does the run take place?

The run takes place in the beloved Stryiskyi Park in Lviv, Ukraine. The park is known for its beautiful scenery, which changes with the seasons. The starting point for the run is the entrance to Stryiskyi Park from Samchuka Street 13.

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Runday was acquired by Everyrun in May 2023, and all of our events are now organized on the Everyrun platform. Sign up and turn your run into a grand celebration!


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Information about the route

Central alley → "Mermaids" fountain (run around) → "Ivasyk Telesyk" fountain (run around) → Arc around the monument to the first football match (after the "Lviv" cinema) → Turn left towards UKU → Abandoned building (run around) → Path parallel to the sycamore alley → Turn left near the playground → Green tunnel (run in, to the Monument of Glory) → Turn left, parallel to the street. Stryyska (halfway to the gate) → U-turn, return by the same route.

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