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weekly free 5km timed runs open to all. This is the place for anyone who wants to make running a part of their life!

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Why exactly 5 kilometers?

5km is an accessible distance for a wide range of participants, a worthy goal for beginners and an opportunity for experienced runners to monitor their progress
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Go to Everyrun

In May 2023, Runday was acquired by Everyrun and all our events are now hosted on the Everyrun platform. Read on to learn about the new racing platform!

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Find Runday run

Runday has many locations and even more races every week. Choose the best and most convenient option to participate.

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Register for your Runday run! Remember, you can log into Everyrun using your Runday login and keep your old run information.

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If your run is offline, print or screenshot your QR code from your profile. For virtual runs, download the app and track your run with it.

Login to Everyrun

Here you can register, find a race, view results, and receive rewards. New users - register, and if you have been familiar with Runday for a long time, then log in with the login and password from the Runday profile.

Login to Everyrun

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Registration for Runday run

Register for the race that will take place at the location of your choice. After registration, the race will appear in your profile in "Upcoming races".

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Runner Profile

In your profile you will see your personal QR code, past and future runs, statistics, you will be able to view your results, your awards for the number of runs will be displayed.

Personal QR-code

The QR code is used to identify you and record your race participation and finish time. For offline races, you can use a screenshot or show your QR code directly from your Everyrun profile so that the organizers can enter your results.

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You can view the results of the races in your profile or on the page of a specific race after the organizer uploads them to the platform.

The gif in the picture is the EVERYRUN mobile application for recording race results

What if the run is Virtual?

Everyrun has not only a web version, but also an app that you can download from the links below. To participate in virtual races, you must have the Everyrun application.

Step 1

Download the Everyrun app from the link below and log in to the app with your username and password

Step 2

If you are already registered for the race, it will appear in your application. If not, register in the application.

Step 3

Wait for a date: Virtual races have a time slot.

Step 4

Record the race and send the result. We will let you know when all runners' results are published.

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The people who make Runday possible

We aim to create a community where you can find the support, inspiration and motivation you need to achieve your goals.
Pictured: Ian Bearder
"Runday open to everyone. You don't need to be a good runner or sporty to join our events. Just register for a free account and we'll be happy to see you on Saturday morning. "

Ian Bearder


Pictured - Alyona Lashchenko
"I've been running for years and it's my favorite form of exercise. It's a great way to challenge yourself and reach new goals."

Alyona Lashchenko

Project manager

Pictured - Oleksandr Ruzhytskyi
"Running can be a great way to improve your fitness and well-being, but it's important to do it safely and responsibly."

Oleksandr Ruzhitskyi


Pictured - Yulia Fursenko
"Running has been running my life for some time already and keeps taking its pace! It’s the great way to organize yourself, perfect discipline to keep fit and making new friends running towards the set goal!"

Yulia Fursenko

Project manager

Runday Running Locations

Join us today and experience the true joy of running!

Become part of the Runday community

Host your local Runday and become a driving force in the running community! To become an organizer, just write to us and we will be happy to help you make sports accessible to everyone!


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