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Jul 08, 2024

Pictured: Runday runner Pavlo Mrykalo

Runday: A Runner's Story

Traditionally, in our "Runner Interview" section, our runners and volunteers share their stories and experiences. They are our heroes and our pride, the people who make Runday special, and for whom Runday exists. They are all different, but they are united by their love of running and a healthy lifestyle.


Pavlo Mrykalо, 25 years old

What is Runday for me?

My introduction to this project began in the fall of 2017. One day, on a rather warm autumn evening, I heard about Runday. It was during a cozy dinner at my dad's place.

The conversation turned to sports:

  • "Are you into anything right now?"
  • "Yes, I go to the gym 2-3 times a week, depending on the number of days off I have."
  • "What about running 5km in a pretty interesting company this Saturday?"
  • "I don't know, I'll think about it."

And here inside my consciousness, a fierce struggle begins

5 km? Oh no, can you really run that much? Why not? I remember my "athletic" past: ballroom dancing, karate, Greco-Roman wrestling, boxing, swimming. My inner athlete was challenged!

How could I not run? I must!

The next Saturday at 8:45 I was already waiting at the pier, still hesitating if I could do it all. After all, how embarrassing it would be in front of my dad if I couldn't overcome this distance, it would be embarrassing in front of myself... Somewhere around 9:35, I finished.

This is an exciting feeling when you cross the finish line, the realization that you coped! In fact, the result was quite average (31 minutes 17 seconds), but the joy was brought by the fact that I did everything. The next Saturday morning I was waiting for the start again. And again this euphoria, and this time I even improved the result (28 minutes 49 seconds). Running started to capture me a little...

Then there was a break, there was no opportunity to visit Runday, since all the weekends were occupied by work, it snowed ...

I continued to run somewhere in January. And it was 1.5-3 km maximum. Since I was running in the snow, in the frost for the first time in my life, I did not dare to run a longer distance, and I missed Runday.

Spring, warming, a little more free time, and nature itself with its landscapes encourages you to take a morning run along the embankment of the Ternopil pond. This is where it all began!

At the moment I have 11 Runday races and 1 day as a volunteer. My best result is 22 minutes 57 seconds. And I understand that this is far from the limit. I have a goal, as runners say - to go within 20 minutes. Now I'm training, trying to improve my technique and endurance. It's great that Ternopil has a running community, with morally and physically strong people who will help with advice, support and various events so that your running consciousness does not go out.

Runday is not just a run

This is an opportunity to chat with champions, with a skilled pastry chef, with a cool IT specialist, a top manager, and just people close to you on a variety of topics, this is an opportunity to improve yourself, your body, an opportunity to once again admire the sunrise in your hometown.

Runday inspired me to overcome my first 10 km, my first half marathon. There are also plans for a marathon.

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