Interview with runners

Jul 08, 2024

Pictured: Runday runner Oleksandr Krashtan

Runday Runner Interview

Traditionally, in our "Runner Interview" section, our runners and volunteers share their stories and experiences. They are our heroes and our pride, the people who make Runday special, and for whom Runday exists. They are all different, but they are united by their love of running and a healthy lifestyle.

Oleksandr Krashan on Runday

Hi everyone! My name is Oleksandr Krashan, but you can call me Alex. I work in marketing. I also have a hobby - sup2coffee, an event where people swim on SUP boards and drink coffee at the finish line. I enjoy cycling and SUP boarding. I am proud of the 21x2 km I did when I was younger.

Introducing Runday

I started running on my own. I don't remember where I found Runday - maybe in Nike Club or FB. I first volunteered when I was late for a race.

I have a goal. I want to be the fastest runner. Once a dog started chasing me right in the middle of the race. It was the day I ran the fastest. When I run, creative thoughts come to mind.

I really like Runday and the location I chose. Runday is a very friendly place!

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